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Conditions Treated

Dr Trompeter is an expert in red cell and iron disorders and blood transfusion as relates to these. Although she practices in the private sector, the majority of her clinical work is in the NHS. As lead for the red cell paediatric service and a key member of the adult red cell team at University College Hospital she is part of a team that looks sees over 100 patients with red cell disorders a week as outpatients, 60 patients a week for blood transfusions as well as looking after patients on the inpatient wards.
In the private sector, Dr Trompeter can see patients with red cell and iron disorders such as:

  • Counselling for risk of haemoglobin disorders such as sickle and thalassaemia in future offspring

  • Identification of haemoglobin disorder carriers

  • Enzyme disorders such as G6PD and PK deficiency

  • Membrane disorders such as hereditary spherocytosis and elliptocytosis

  • Iron excess such as raised ferritin and haemochromatosis

  • Iron deficiency and related anaemias such as B12 and folate deficiency.

  • Abnormal levels of haemoglobin 

  • Blood group antibody issues

  • Links to regional and national laboratories and radiological expertise allows prompt and accurate diagnosis.

Please note as of 17 April 2024, Dr Trompeter regrettably took to the decision to no longer looks after patients with full diagnoses of sickle cell or thalassaemia in the private sector other than in the rare cases of offering a second opinion.

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