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Dr Trompeter has an active research profile leading the paediatric red cell research programme at UCLH and co-leading the Haem-Match consortium which aims to bring extended artificial intelligence (AI) driven, genetically
matched blood to the patient bedside to reduce the complications of transfusion.
Most recently she has been successful as a recipient of major grants from the National institute in Healthcare Research and NHSBT. She has research leadership roles in research including: Co-lead for Haematology Theme, UCLH BRC, Clinical lead for Sickle Cell for Diverse Data Genomics England as part of the Improving Black Health Outcomes (IBHO) new theme of NIHR BioResource, lead for NIHR BioResource Research Tissue Bank at UCLH and PI for the Blood transfusion Genomics Consortium ( which led to the development of a new genetic test of blood groups to curb transfusion side effects

She has lectured and published on many aspects of red cell disorders. 
You can see her academic and professional profile on the ORCID website: 

Sara Trompeter (0000-0002-7099-8449) - ORCID | Connecting Research andResearchers


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